Our Story

Linda & Arjan

Brain Rescue was founded by Linda Radestad and Arjan Kuipers. Together they are on a mission to make the world a better place for brain-injured people.

See also: www.brain.rehab

Linda Radestad


Linda was 43 when a severe stroke hit her in 2016. At that time she was an online entrepreneur and mother of three. Linda is a problem solver pure sang and decided after her stroke to put her innovative and analytic strength to good use by coming up with better solutions for fellow stroke survivors. She has published the book STROKE REBEL to show what is possible when thinking out of the box. Doctors told her she would never walk or talk again, she proved them wrong.


Arjan Kuipers


Arjan is a chiropractor and functional neurologist, who developed a passion for brain-related issues because his mother suffered from brain stem migraines (after a series of head injuries). Arjan has seen and developed training for patients with a brain injury for the past 28 years.