Our Story

Brain Rescue was founded by Linda Radestad and Arjan Kuipers. Together they are on a mission to make the world a better place for brain-injured people.

Brain.rehab provide educational and exercise training to further improve the brain and physical function after stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI) regardless of your age, the severity of disability or duration.

Free online training

The FREE online training on brain.rehab provides insights (100+ hours of videos) in the fields of brain and physical training, energy management, sleep, neuroplasticity, and nutrition (and many other topics).

Brain.rehab was developed by stroke survivor Linda Rådestad and Arjan Kuipers.

Arjan Kuipers

chiropractor/ functional neurologist (educated in the UK and USA), who developed a passion for brain-related issues because his mother suffered from brain stem migraines (heavy shaking, slumping and the inability to speak) after a series of head injuries. 

When he found out that his own daughter, after not being able to speak for the first six years, had autism, he doubled his efforts over the next years looking into developmental problems of the brain in children with learning and behavioral problems.

His publications include the Help! My Child has ADHD/Autism book, “20 Top Questions Every Parent Should Ask About ADHD/Autism”, the "Single Most Overlooked Problem in Back Patients".

Linda Radestad

Linda was 43 when a severe stroke hit her in 2016. At that time she was an internet entrepreneur and mother of three. Linda is a problem solver pur sang and decided after her stroke to put her innovative and analytic strength to good use by coming up with better solutions for fellow stroke survivors.

Free audio-book

She has published the book Stroke Rebel (free audio-book at https://www.brain.rehab/stroke-rebel-audio-book ) to show what is possible when thinking out of the box. Doctors told her she would never walk or talk again, she proved them wrong (see her TEDx talk).


Both Linda and Arjan are frustrated of the lack of usable solution for people who suffered brain injuries (stroke, concussion) 

“The science is there, we do everything to share it"

They see brain.rehab as their magnum opus and culmination of their lives work.

Far before regular healthcare

They take pride in providing science-based solutions far before regular healthcare can do so. 

We do not pretend to have a solution for everyone 

"We do not pretend to have a solution for everyone but see that many big opportunities are missed at present. 

During the past 20 years, brain science has made enormous steps. But it usually takes another 20 years before it becomes standard care. We don’t want to wait that long, nor do our clients".


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average delivery time?

All of our products are manufactured with care in Europe and shipped out of Germany. Within Europe, the average shipping time is 2-5 working days with Express Shipping and 5-10 working days with Standard shipping. Due to COVID-19, there might be some unexpected carrier delays. 

How do I know if these supplements actually work?

Our supplements are backed by years of research by a team of neurologists and specialists in the health care industry. We want to make sure to deliver the highest quality possible and create products that actually work. See our References to check out the sources that have been used during the production process of our supplements. 

Can I take these supplements during pregnancy?

Our supplement is 100% natural and medicine-free. However, we recommend to always consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplements whilst pregnant (or planning to be). 

Can I pay with something else than Paypal?

If you prefer using a different payment method, you can transfer the product total + €10 standard shipping costs to:

IBAN: CY91 0020 0195 0000 3570 3530 5527

Account Name: Brain Rehab Distribution Limited

❗️Make sure to put your name in the payment description, and to send us an e-mail at info@brainandspine.rehab letting us know about your order.

Can I take these supplements whilst on birth control?

Please always consult with your health care professional before taking any supplement whilst on prescription medication. 

Do I need to follow a specific diet for these supplements to work?

We definitely recommend to keep a healthy diet, work out regularly and make sure to get enough sleep for optimal results of our product. As science shows, a balanced lifestyle combined with high quality supplements can actually result in improvements.   

How long does a bottle last?

One bottle of Repair & Protect contains 180 capsules. Our average recommended daily intake is 1-3 capsules daily (with a meal), and could be increased (in extreme cases) all the way up to six capsules per day. Therefore, a bottle lasts a month on average. 

Are your products natural?

All of our supplements have been tested thoroughly and are 100% natural. They consist of vitamins, minerals and more ingredients that are proven to improve brain health. 

Are the supplements allergy-proof?

Our Repair & Protect formula does not contain any gluten, milk, or nuts. There is no artificial flavouring or smell added. Lastly, there are no added sugars. 

Where do I keep the bottle in my house? In which temperature?

This product has to be kept out of direct sunlight and is best to be kept in room temperature (23C or 73F). 

What is brain.rehab exactly?

This company, Brainrescue, is part of Brain.rehab (www.brain.rehab), which was founded by a stroke survivor and a functional neurologist. Together, they strive to make the world a better place for brain-injured people. Their mission is to deliver customised training and help for people with brain trauma. The importance of dietary supplements and food is extremely significant in this process. After years of research and development, our team of health care professionals has come up with several supplement formulas that actually work. Check out the About Us page for more information about the founders.